Adaptive Behavioral Stress Reduction
The ABH method teaches patients ‘how to work with stress' as it is happening. 
Change your response to anxiety and stress with: Daily self check-ins between sessions. 
Build self-directed behaviors for best solutions to stop anxiety.

Dr. Sara Denning has developed a method for treating anxiety and stress that uses the current research of neuroscience to teach people how to “step into” stress/ anxiety reactions to work with individual orientations to stress in order to develop new behaviors to prevent the results of chronic stress which include the emotional and behavioral symptoms.
The current knowledge from affective neuroscience studies show that these symptoms are created by anxiety and chronic stress.  The underlying factor of Chronic Stress and unresolved anxiety create symptomatic behaviors of: eating disorders, sexual problems, feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion, relationship conflicts, sleep issues, panic attacks, depression, school or work performance anxiety, out of control behavior, addiction, confusion and aggression. 
Relief from higher anxiety levels may be experienced in 2 - 3 sessions. Treatment 
averages 6 months for changes in behavioral response to stress.   

email or call (845) 597 5279 to see Dr. Denning for individual sessions.
  You may need to request a referral to a specialist through your insurance coverage or your insurance may provide varying levels of reimbursement depending on the plan.                 
 Office Location: One Union Square West, Suite 509 New York, New York 10003.

The Organization – Science and Public Health
Adaptive Behavioral Health, Inc. is an organization whose mission is to bridge the gap between research and application of affective neuroscience and patient care.  ABH develops applications of educational and treatment protocols for use in clinical and non-clinical settings. We use research outcomes to teach the public and train professionals about the effects of stress and anxiety on physical and mental systems.

Adaptive Behavioral Health is an evidence-based approach for treatment and prevention of anxiety symptoms and to be an integrative part of treatment of physical stress related illnesses. 

Adaptive Behavioral Therapy treatment has been created and developed in an effort to find a new method for delivering mental health care tools to the general population through active programs.

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